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Disasters at a multifamily property can be one of the most stressful events to navigate. Ensuring your residents are safe and accounted for is paramount to anything else. Dealing with the aftermath of an emergency comes with its own set of struggles. While there are state and federal regulations when it comes to property safety, owners and managers can go the extra mile by preparing emergency response and recovery solutions that can keep residents safe during a disaster or emergency event. Here are some things to think about when it comes to any emergency situation:

3 Ways to Reduce the Impact of an Emergency

  1. Educate: When residents work with you in an emergency, you’re more likely to have a positive outcome. One way you can ensure everyone is on the same page is to educate your residents about what to do in a variety of emergency situations. When residents are prepared, you’re better situated to handle whatever is thrown at you.

    Common Incidents that Affect Rental Communities

    • Severe Weather including storms, hurricanes, and tornadoes
    • Water Leaks and Flooding
    • Gas Leaks and Fires
    • Power Outages
    • Criminal Situations
  2. Inform: Beyond educating residents on how to respond, you must inform them of your plan of action for each emergency scenario. SecureCore’s emergency preparedness and planning software for apartments provide property managers and staff instant access to appropriate disaster plan information, so they can communicate crucial information when residents need it most. Even if power or cellular systems fail, you can access your emergency plan.
  3. Train: Keeping residents safe in a disaster depends on a cohesive and informed team. Make a plan to consistently train employees and residents on how to react and what to do during emergency situations. The SecureCore program comes with more than 30 different emergency situation best practices already loaded into the system. Disaster recovery will be more efficient when your employees know where to access emergency action plans and who is responsible for what, benefiting both staff and residents alike when emergencies happen.

Give your property managers and staff easily accessible emergency response plans, contact SecureCore about our emergency preparedness software.