SecureCore’s full service disaster recovery planning software was designed with our customers’ needs in mind. From multifamily apartment properties to large office buildings, all companies should have a disaster plan ready so responsible parties can act quickly and remain organized to prevent further damage. An emergency action plan can help protect your residents, employees and staff and control chaos by having important information available. Our cloud based software and mobile app keeps resources like your disaster plan or emergency action plan at your fingertips and accessible without internet connection.

These days apartment communities must have a disaster plan in place. They must be carefully planned so if ever an event occurs they could be seamlessly executed. I am more than pleased with the response and planned execution that SecureCore has displayed on many occasions in my time of need. They enable all levels of management to make sound decisions based on findings from their highly experienced teams. The SC application puts all of the critical information needed at your fingertips. That is huge for someone in my position since I oversee multiple communities.

Dominic Delicci
Engineer Class A-License # 47169
Director of Maintenance
Scully Company

Our properties have had disaster plans in place for many years. One of the great advantages of the SecureCore program is that it puts that emergency information in the palm of your hand. Their mobile application makes the information much more accessible to our staff members both at the property level and also to offsite personnel who might respond during a crisis. If an emergency occurs at our properties, our staff members can take immediate action using the information in the disaster plan utilizing the mobile app on their phone, rather than spending crucial time searching for and flipping through the disaster binder. Critical building systems, valves and shutoffs can be visualized in a moment’s notice on the app which could provide first responders an advantage in handling the incident. We are pleased with the SecureCore program and the support they have provided at every step of the way.

David H. Schiro
Coughlin Management Company

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