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Have you thought about disaster preparedness drills for your property? Being prepared for a disaster can make all the difference when one actually occurs. Ensuring that you have adequate plans in place, which everyone can quickly access and that everyone has run through, will offer a safer result than figuring things out on the fly. The trick in effective preparation is planning realistic drills that will allow people to get a sense of what will happen and what’s expected. Designing an effective disaster drill isn’t as hard as it sounds. The heart of any disaster preparedness plan is comprehensive information that is accessible no matter what the conditions.

What to Include in Your Disaster Drill

Any disaster drill should be comprehensive. No matter the disaster, disaster preparedness drills tend to look similar. The ultimate goal of a disaster drill is to ensure safety. Any quality disaster drill should include:

• A formulated plan which includes an escape route and meeting point
• Assigned roles
• Information for contacting the authorities and necessary parties
• Communication protocols

You should run the drill as if it were a real-life scenario so that everyone will be able to plan accordingly should the real thing happen. Getting emergency response services involved will add to the reality of the drill. While you’re conducting the disaster drill, take notes on what is working and what needs improvement. You can then return to your emergency response plan and revise it to make it more effective and efficient.

How to Store Disaster Information

The key for running a successful drill or for safely escaping a disaster is having the necessary information available to those who need it. Using SecoreCore’s disaster planning software puts everything you need at the tips of your fingers no matter what the situation. You can create and implement a disaster action plan with SecureCore and ensure that everyone who needs access to critical information has it in crucial situations. Our cloud-based software and mobile app means that you have access to your disaster plan information from any available device – it’s not stuck in a filing cabinet or posted to a wall where you can’t access it. Everyone involved in critical roles can quickly spring into action because they can all simultaneously access your emergency plan. With SecureCore, you can store things like:

  • Guidelines and procedures for dealing with more than 30 types of disasters
  • Property information like utility locations and shut offs, emergency call lists, evacuation plans, and more
  • Critical community resources for emergency situations

Our software is always there and always on, so no matter when you need us – whether it’s just for a drill or for the real thing – we’re there. Contact us online or call 610-992-9100 to learn more about our disaster preparedness software and to let us help you plan your next effective disaster drill.