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Disasters happen but how you handle them can change the outcome dramatically. Making sure your employees know what to do in the event of a disaster is crucial in reducing your losses and keeping everyone safe. While most organizations have some sort of plan for emergencies, fewer than you’d think actually communicate that plan. Many employees within an organization don’t even know that such a plan exists which can severely impact the outcome should a disaster actually occur. SecureCore’s emergency response & recovery solutions for multifamily properties can help you prepared and create an effective emergency response plan so everyone is on the same page when it matters most.

Does Your Disaster Action Plan Include…

  1. Evacuation Procedures? In the event of an emergency, getting everyone out of danger’s way is paramount. Does your team know what the best exit routes and evacuation procedures are for your property? Does your team have a plan for how to communicate evacuation instructions to your residents? Do you have a system in place to account for all employees and residents after the evacuation? Having a pre-determined plan for where to go, how to communicate, and what to say is key to ensure everyone’s safety during emergencies.
  2. Staff Roles? Emergency situations are chaotic and minutes are precious. Would your team be able to immediately step into action or would they need to spend time figuring out who should do what? Do your team members know their designated role and responsibilities during an emergency? Have you determined the different roles needed for floods vs. fires vs. hurricanes? Having pre-determined roles saves time, money, and even lives – and reduces the chaos during the event and after.
  3. Post-disaster Instruction? After the fire is extinguished, the flooding has stopped, or the hurricane (or any other disaster) has passed, do you and your team know how to start the process to get back to normal? Do they know the top priorities of what to tackle first? What safety hazards to avoid? Key people to call, whether it be at your corporate office, emergency responders, or vendors? Who is responsible for each clean-up or rebuild task? Once the disaster passes, the stress does not end there. Your team will have questions, your residents will have urgent needs, and your property may need repairs to get back to business as usual. Having a plan helps the post-disaster process go as smoothly as possible.
  4. Finally, is your plan accessible? The best thing you can do in planning for a disaster is to make sure your action plan is accessible. That’s where SecureCore comes in. Having disaster plans physically posted in your location is great, but there’s a lot more that goes along with it. You need to make sure you can access your disaster plan no matter where you are. Gone are the days of worrying about where the physical copies are, if they have been destroyed in the disaster, or if your systems are down. SecureCore’s turn-key system documents how your team should respond in the event of an emergency and puts relevant information at their fingertips via a disruption-resistant emergency preparedness software and cloud-based mobile app. Having access to the disaster plan you’ve created, regardless of the situation, is priceless.

If you’d like to learn more about SecureCore’s services, or how you can craft a disaster action plan, contact us today!