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Creating an emergency action plan has never been more important. As our world has recently seen, a crisis is able to strike at any moment, and the reverberations can be significant and continuous. While the recent pandemic caught many business leaders off guard, including property owners, a smart strategy for navigating emergencies can be a vital tool for ensuring business success.

Common Emergencies at Multifamily Properties

Apart from global issues like health outbreaks, there are also smaller-scale crises that can significantly disrupt the normal way of life at a multifamily property. For instance, consider the impact of a small fire—residents would be displaced, some could be at risk of injury, homes may be damaged and more. If pipes burst, that could put residents’ homes and possessions at peril. When the power goes out or other utilities malfunction, the effects can be disastrous for multifamily properties; even something as seemingly small as an elevator breakdown can inconvenience and even potentially injure residents or workers. After such incidents, attention always turns to how prepared the property was for an emergency; if owners haven’t focused on creating an emergency action plan ahead of time, they could be liable for legal damages, and would likely suffer reputation damage.

Steps to Create a Smart Emergency Response Plan

  1. Identify roles: An effective plan is largely contingent on a cooperative staff. Decide which staff members would carry out which duties in the case of an emergency, such as calling emergency personnel and helping to evacuate residents with special needs.
  2. Know your space: Closely examine the buildings on your property to determine where utility lines and water shut-off valves are so, if quick attention needs to be paid to these areas, you know right where to go.
  3. Keep staff informed: All staff members should undergo drills and mock emergencies to ensure they know their roles and responsibilities, as well as logistical information, such as the location of emergency exits.

How Can an Emergency Action Plan Help You Prepare?

Creating an emergency action plan can help protect residents, the business, and both of their futures. To assist with that important work, SecureCore offers emergency preparedness software that helps property managers of multifamily properties be ready for any crisis that could come their way. With comprehensive guidance through the plan preparation phase, staff training, and plan maintenance, SecureCore can provide the expertise and education needed to give property managers the peace of mind they’re doing all they can to protect their workers, residents, and company.

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