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If you’re asking yourself how to respond to a positive COVID-19 case at your property, you’re certainly not alone. The coronavirus pandemic has created unprecedented questions for all businesses, and property owners—who have to consider the health and safety of multiple residents, employees and visitors, as well as the viability of their company—are facing particular challenges. However, like all crises, a smart response plan that is rooted in effective and transparent communication is key.

COVID-19 Preparedness for Multifamily Housing

As you’re putting together a strategy for how to respond to a positive COVID-19 case, consider a number of factors:

  1. Define.
    Your plan should define how anyone who comes in contact with the property should report a positive test. That includes residents, employees, vendors, contractors, and visitors—as well as their family members.
  2. Notify.
    Determine how the company will notify each of those same stakeholders if a positive case is reported.
  3. Protect Privacy.
    To stay compliant with HIPAA guidelines, avoid divulging information about the particular case, yet remain transparent about how the diagnosis will affect property operations.
  4. Plan for Adjustments.
    Will certain areas be closed? What is the cleaning protocol? What are the next steps? Decide who will communicate this information and the best method.

Create a Re-occupancy O&M Plan

Residents, employees, and others will feel most assured if they know that the property will not only be thoroughly treated, but that the entire process will be led by experts who are well-versed in crisis management. RestoreCore and SecureCore provides resources, support and services to help you respond to a positive COVID-19 case.

SecureCore’s cloud-based software and mobile app helps you to gather site-specific information, create a detailed plan for each of your locations, and offers ongoing insight and assistance to help your property effectively communicate with your stakeholders. And all communication and information-gathering can be conducted virtually, allowing you and your staff to effectively implement social distancing and provide value during this time of crisis.

Additional Information for Building an O&M Plan

Peace of Mind For Your Business

While we all went into the pandemic with no playbook for how to respond to a positive COVID-19 case, professionals like those at SecureCore have tapped their expertise to help companies effectively and efficiently communicate what they’ve done, what they’re doing and what work remains—in order to keep the entire property safe, healthy and moving forward. Contact SecureCore and request a demo of our disaster management software today.