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It’s been a while since we’ve posted, so we wanted to re-introduce ourselves to our readers (hint: that’s you…thanks for reading!)

Today we’re talking about how bad hires have more to do with disaster planning than you’d think (and not in the way you’re thinking, either).

HINT: They both come down to expectations and experience.

Have you ever hired an employee who you were super jazzed about? Let’s call her Jill. She checked all the impressive boxes. She said all the right things. She had all of the flashy skills you could dream of. You thought your team and clients would love her, for sure.

And Jill they started – and she was a total disappointment.

She just didn’t get it. She didn’t really know the things she said she did. And she didn’t really understand what your team or your customers were going through – so she didn’t know how to help make things better for them.

So what does this have to do with disaster planning?

  • Because flashy doesn’t always get the job done in real life
  • Because “checking all the boxes” is only impressive when they are the right boxes
  • Because the same applies to us

There are a lot of really flashy and truly impressive disaster planning companies and software out there. They were created to say and do all the things you want them to. And how could your people not love them?

But us?

We didn’t start in disaster planning. We were born out of disaster restoration.

You know those people you call after a flood or fire? The ones that show up with the fans and dehumidifiers, and cut out your wet carpet, and clean your soot-covered walls, and put it all back together for you?

That’s where we started. We were created as an extension of a disaster restoration company.

And for 40+ years, we’ve seen the additional damage and money and headaches and hazards that slow, misguided, or uninformed action created.

Here’s why that’s important to you…

We saw firsthand what happened when property teams weren’t prepared…when they didn’t know what to do…or where to find the water shut off…despite their best intentions.

We saw how those “flashy” and complex disaster plans were less-than-helpful in the moment because they couldn’t be used quickly, shared easily, or (in some cases) found at all.

And so just over 10 years ago, we turned all of those hard-earned (and expensive) mistakes made by our restoration clients into a solution that equipped and empowered them to take the right action as quickly as possible

Over the past decade, SecureCore has helped thousands of multifamily, condo and commercial properties across the country create disaster implementation plans.

Ask yourself this question the next time you hire an employee…or buy new software…or implement a new idea…

How will this person/software/idea perform in our toughest days and messiest situation?

Because disasters happen.

Plans go awry.

People make mistakes.

And the best additions to your team will be those that are built to withstand the chaos and make it simpler to manage.

Looking for a simpler way to manage disasters at your property?

Contact us here to learn more about how SecureCore helps property managers and executives like you reduce risk and simplify disaster planning.