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This time of year comes with a slew of Out of Office messages and people taking time off to celebrate the holidays with loved ones. But what happens when there’s no when left to handle any possible disasters that could occur in your workplace? The first step in preparing for any sort of emergency situation is to have a plan and the next step is to communicate that plan. Using SecureCores’s emergency preparedness software & planning for apartments can prepare everyone in your business, whether they’re out for the holidays or not, on what to do during an emergency.

During the holidays when many are off work, it can be even more challenging to communicate effectively – especially during an emergency situation. Thankfully, SecureCore’s emergency response and recovery solutions for multifamily properties allow anyone, anywhere to access crucial emergency action plan data.

Even if everyone can access your emergency action plan, if you don’t have provisions for when people are out of office, your plan could fail. Here are some things to think about when planning for disasters during the holidays:

Pre-vacation Prep

Before anyone goes out on vacation, they should try to prep their office or workspace for disaster just in case. If you have a cloud-based data storage system, be sure that important files have been backed up from physical machines. Put important physical documents in a fire-safe box. Clear workspace of clutter so that in case of an emergency it’s easier for response personnel to get in and out of the area.

Back-up Roles

If you have a designated emergency response team, make sure that any important roles have back-ups in place for those out of office. Put the information in your emergency response plan and make sure everyone has access to it – even those not involved in the ERT.

Contact Info

Always have updated contact information available to everyone in the company in case of an emergency or disaster. This contact info should include any numbers that persons of importance can be reached at no matter if they’re out of office or around the world. High-priority employees should provide detailed information if they’ll be traveling out of the country and how to get in touch with them in an emergency situation.

All of this information can be safely stored on SecureCore’s disaster recovery software and conveniently accessed by anyone with appropriate credentials. Don’t leave your business’s safety up to chance when people are out of office. Let us help!