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You can picture the scene clearly – another continuing education class, complete with a PowerPoint presentation, some handouts, a notebook, and a pen…. and lunch provided. The instructor is talking at length about the topic at hand – maybe it’s “Operational Budgets” or “Mold 101” or maybe even another “Fair Housing Seminar”. You are going through the motions, and hopefully retaining some or most of the content presented.  

September was National Preparedness Month for FEMA, and at SecureCore, we can’t help but ask: What if there was another way for you to take valuable time out of your day to learn and build on certain topics that are SUPER important to the property management industry? Topics like “Hurricane Disaster Preparedness” and “Mold Response”….  

Have you ever thought about attending or even creating a continuing education class that focuses on SIMULATING some of the trickiest, hardest, and worst situations that a property may face 

Research shows that working with a team through a disaster simulation promotes critical thinking, collaboration, and a greater understanding of their subject matter than traditional teaching methods, where students only learn from the expert presenting on the stage.  

To implement an effective Disaster Simulation – the facilitator needs to have several necessary elements present: 

  1. Preparation – the facilitator should prepare the proper flow of the session, supporting materials, desired outcomes, and answers.  
  2. Active Student Participation – effective learning comes from engagement and collaboration amongst the group. 
  3. Debrief – whether the debrief takes place throughout each step in the simulation, or at the conclusion of simulation – participants should see alignment between the simulation and the course objectives.  
  4. Expertise – a facilitator with extensive experience in the course objectives and/or in the roles of the participants will help guide the exercise in a successful fashion.  

As we continue to focus on preparing for the worst – remember that failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Help your team get ready for the worst disasters in property management by building, maintaining, and sharing your disaster plan…  

… then take it one step further and partner with SecureCore for a Disaster Simulation exercise where critical thinking, collaboration and topic retention will be the unwritten theme of the session. 

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