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These past few months have been full of unexpected and terribly sad challenges, from a global pandemic to civil unrest. While you have dealt with enough emergencies so far this year, the unfortunate reality is that Mother Nature may have her own plans as we enter hurricane season. Early reports are expecting this to be a particularly rough season. Take steps now to help protect your residents and property from any new emergencies that may come your way.

How to Plan & Prepare for Hurricane Season?

SecureCore can help to support you and make you feel more prepared for hurricane season with an easily accessible, robust hurricane preparedness plan that everyone on your team can get to when it’s needed most. Here are some things to do to make sure that your property and your plan are ready for this hurricane season:

  1. Update Key Roles
    Your disaster plan for a hurricane should include a task list of specific steps that your property should take before, during, and after a hurricane as well as a call list of the individuals responsible for those tasks. Ensure that those listed in specific roles and responsibilities for specific tasks are still available and capable of performing their tasks. Roles and tasks may include pulling in patio furniture, trimming dead branches from trees before a storm hits, communicating with residents before, during, and after the storm, and assessing damage after the storm. If you already have SecureCore, we can help you easily update your emergency action and response plan with new roles and tasks as needed. You can review the hurricane procedure for a refresher on related tasks, before, during, and after a hurricane by logging into SecureCore. When you log into the hurricane preparedness plan for your property, review the call list section of your disaster plan to ensure it is up to date.
  2. Resident Preparedness
    One of the keys to a comprehensive emergency preparedness plan for your property is to make sure your residents are prepared. On an individual level, you can provide clear instructions on how residents can make their own preparations in the case of a natural disaster, like a hurricane. Make sure your residents know what hurricane supplies to have and what the property is prepared to do in case of an emergency. When your residents are prepared and informed of the overall protocol, it’ll be much easier to keep everyone safe when disaster strikes.
  3. Prep Work
    Preparing for a hurricane in advance will help protect your residents, property, and will reduce the stress when you’re in the midst of a crisis. Hold regular meetings to thoroughly review all roles, tasks, and responsibilities. Make sure your plan is updated, ready to go, and communicate with all team members involved in the emergency plan. After you’ve updated your disaster plan, test it! Always retest your plan after you’ve made changes, even if they seem small. Testing and refining will provide your employees and residents with the confidence necessary to implement your plan during a disaster.

If you don’t have an emergency plan for your property, make one with the help of SecureCore’s emergency preparedness software. If you do have one, but simply have it sitting in a binder in someone’s office, contact SecureCore! We can help you make certain that everyone knows exactly where and how to access your disaster preparedness information and can follow response protocols quickly when the time comes for action.