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SecureCore’s emergency preparedness software helps businesses plan ahead and initiate disaster response with onsite management and accessible online disaster plans. Take a look at our video below to see what SecureCore is all about.

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Is your business prepared for a disaster?

Is your business prepared for a disaster?

Emergency Preparedness Software
SecureCore is a comprehensive solution that reduces risk to your business by bringing emergency planning into the digital age. Better readiness and training provide your businesses with a safety net during any crisis.

Get Proof of Emergency Preparedness

For Stakeholders & Insurance Carriers
The SecureCore app positions you for success in new business pitches, providing your management company with a competitive advantage.

Get proof of emergency preparedness
Take your business from reactive to proactive

Take your business from Reactive to Proactive!

Technology Solution
Our seamless “disruption-proof” mobile application gives your employees immediate access to up-to-date emergency plans, accessible from anywhere, on any device.

Make sure your staff are trained to handle any emergency!

Tool for training
Utilize SecureCore’s interactive disaster simulation training to prepare your property staff for future emergencies. Centralize and share crucial property/organizational information such as procedures, who to contact, utility shut-offs, and other information.

Make sure your staff are trained to handle any emergency

Get Continued Support

After the rollout, SecureCore customers continue to receive ongoing maintenance & support with:

  • A designated SecureCore Account Manager
  • Free training for current & new staff
  • Bi-annual updates

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What are the Next Steps?

Kick Off

Meet the SecureCore team, provide an overview of your systems & review next steps.

Data Collection

The SecureCore team will work with your property managers and maintenance team to gather property-specific information and perform on-site inspections.

This will include:

  • Property and corporate call lists.
  • Utility shut off locations, instructions, and photos.
  • Fire and security alarm system locations and instructions.
  • Command centers, relocation options, vendor lists & contact information.

Rollout & Training

SecureCore then provides comprehensive training to your employees on:

  • SecureCore App & Systems Navigation
  • Disaster simulation training.

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To learn more about SecureCore and how we can assist you in developing an emergency plan for your apartment complex or multifamily building, we offer demos of our software. Complete the online form to request a demo and a representative will be in contact as soon as possible.

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